Investments & Acquisitions

The Maune Company regularly acquires office and industrial real estate. We purchase assets for our own account and through co-investing arrangements with institutional and high-net worth investors.

Our thorough research benefits our investment partners; we strive to alleviate existing and potential risks by examining all relevant and available information and making insightful decisions based upon our collective underwriting expertise, market knowledge, and business judgment.As we identify acquisition opportunities, we make it possible for our associates to participate in the investment. This incentive program encourages Maune team professionals to recognize and capitalize on pricing dislocations and value-enhancement opportunities ahead of the market. The result is an active deal flow that generates investment opportunities for Maune, its associates, and our investment partners.

Development Services

At Maune, our experienced development team starts by understanding your goals and priorities. From there, we focus on positioning your asset for long-term viability.

We develop projects with concern for life-cycle costs, flexibility of design and maintainability, so that our relationship and involvement with your asset will continue far into the future. 

Let The Maune Company help build your success.

Developed Projects